Methode Clairfiante

Although puberty was long ago, we may still battle with annoying pimples and blackheads. The reason? The skin is often affected by stress or diet. Sometimes, it is also due to using the wrong care products which aren't suitable for the current climate. To assist in these situations, you can confidently use the professional skin diagnosis of an La Biosthétique expert to find out what your current skin care needs are. If your complexion appears to have surplus sebum, i.e. the skin has large pores which are oily and irritated, Méthode Clarifiante may be the best choice for you. 

Five Skincare Principles of La Biosthétique:

Problems with the complexion are often caused by bacteria, an impaired hormone balance, stress or, simply using the wrong care. That is why Méthode Clarifiante, like all skin care methods of La Biosthétique, is based on five customizable care principles. These care principles include, customised cleansing, metabolism-normalizing aromatherapy, toning, oil level-balancing basic care, individual special care and intensively regulating moisture care. Depending on the skin’s needs, use the products from one Methode or, combine the care products from other methods of La Biosthétique, such as Méthode Clarifiante, Méthode Anti-Age or Méthode Relaxante. If the skin has normalized after using Méthode Clarifiante for a certain time, it is possible to switch to Méthode Relaxante or Méthode Anti-Age. La Biosthétique skin specialists are happy to discuss your skin’s needs and find the right care in regards to season, age and lifestyle.