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Visarome Intoxine

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Size: 15ml


The stimulating concentrate Visarôme Intoxiné eradicates blemishes and its valuable essential oils develop a soothing effect on body, mind and, in particular, the skin.

A small concentrate with a big effect for blemished skin. The aromatherapy oil contains valuable natural essences to pamper not only the skin but also mind and soul. The mixture of exquisite essential oils from cinnamon bark, camomile, orange, lime blossom, bergamot and sandalwood turn Visarôme Intoxiné into an essential companion for blemished skin. The clarifying aromatherapy oil concentrate rapidly and easily soothes irritations and boosts the circulation. Flushes out toxins. Reactivates the skin’s natural nourishment and regeneration. The natural plant active ingredients from high-quality blossoms, leaves, seeds and fruits in Visarôme Intoxiné stimulate all senses with their appealing scent.

Little tip: A must for all smokers!