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Masque Peeling

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Size: 75ml


Masque Peeling gently cleanses right down to the pores, eradicates blemishes and results in a fine, clear skin feeling.

Dry, oily, sensitive or demanding – this works on any skin. This little beauty secret features dual power, but is particularly gentle to the skin. Face scrub and mask combine to form an unbeatable duo. Masque Peeling contains fine, round exfoliating silica gel granules to give you a radiant appearance and flawless complexion in just a few minutes. The skin is cleansed right down to the pores by gently removing surplus horny scales. It is visibly smoothened, its moisture is maintained and the complexion is soft, fresh and clear. After just one application of Masque Peeling, you can see and feel the difference.



  •  Silica gel: cleanses right down to the pores and remove surplus scales of skin