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Lotion Desincrustante

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Size: 100ml


The non mechanical exfoliants for oily and blemished skin effectively clarifies and cleanses blocked pores.

The skin reflects our emotional state. This often manifests by irritations and blemishes. So it’s time to start tackling these as soon as you start cleansing. Facial cleansing thoroughly frees blocked pores and soothes irritations and blemishes. Lotion Désincrustante balances out oily skin zones, sebum deposits are loosened by skin-softening active ingredients. Lotion Désincrustante is precisely geared towards the individual needs of oily facial skin. The result is a clean, clear skin.



  • Ethanol: is clarifying and reduces inflammations on areas of skin where blemish extraction has been performed
  • Salicylic acid: gently removes dead skin cells – for a noticeably smooth skin
  • Lemon grass oil: is invigorating and calming