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  • Visalix Purifiant

Visalix Purifiant


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The Visalix Purifiant toner intensively clarifies oily facial skin and also has a calming effect

Would you like a clear start to the day? But you have oily, blemished facial skin. Visalix Purifiant can fix that. It gently clarifies your skin. The plant ingredients specifically combat blemishes. Camomile extract and bisabolol calm inflammations and redness. New irritations don’t even have a chance to occur. The skin is pampered with moisture and feels incredibly soft. Visalix Purifiant is precisely geared towards the individual needs of oily facial skin for a clean, clear skin sensation and a radiant complexion


  • Thyme oil: calming effect
  • Bisabolol and camomile extract: calming of inflammations and redness
  • Essential oils: stimulating effect
  • Lemon grass oil: is invigorating and calming

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