Méthode Relaxante



Cleansing of sensitive skin

Like every skin type, sensitive skin must also be cleansed from sweat, sebum and make-up residue. With Clair de Teint Doux the skin is very gently freed from surplus substances and at the same time the sensitive hydrolipid film is protected. Panthenol is one of the active ingredients responsible for this. This is followed by applying the moistening face lotion Visalix Doux, which smoothens skin scales, calms the skin and neutralises the pH level. It also ensures that the subsequent creams are particularly well absorbed by the skin.   



Basic and moisture care for sensitive skin

Depending on the skin's moisture needs, this is followed during the day by the moisturizing cream Douceur Hydratante and at night by the face cream Douceur Restructurante or Douceur Riche. All Douceur creams only contain scents that are also suitable for those who are allergic to perfumes and are free from preservatives. They are made up of skin-related active ingredients and thus hypoallergenic. The outstanding feature of the creams is that they form a gel network that is based on the natural structure of the skin. The Douceur creams thus protect the skin whilst it rebuilds its own protective shield.



Special care for irritated skin

Méthode Relaxante should be regularly adjusted to the current needs of the skin and also the circumstances. For example, in winter and/or if it is very cold, Creme Congestif provides additional protection and calms the skin with witch hazel extracts. Vitamin A and carrot oil strengthen the skin and make it more resistant. Whoever has problems with eye bags will find the cooling eye gel Douceur Contour helpful. Yeast enzymes strengthen the connective tissue and reduce inflammatory reactions of the eye area, improve the blood circulation of the skin layers and strengthen the tissue. First aid for particularly sensitive skin is available in the form of Masque Hydro-Sensitif. Plant oils such as blackcurrant seed oil, balloon vine extract and sunflower oil concentrate inhibit inflammations, soothe any itchiness and calm the skin. Once the skin's protective shield, the natural barrier layer, has been rebuilt, it is important to continue to protect this. Now you can provide the skin with care with anti-aging products or Edition Luxe. It is always possible to mix and alternate between La Biosthétique skincare products. Come to a La Biosthétique salon at any time for a consultation.


Méthode Relaxante- Sensitive Skin Treatments