Dermosthertique Hydro-Actif


A good moisture balance is one of the most important factors when healthy skin wants to attract admiring glances.

The cell-active moisture therapy is a clinically formulated, intensive treatment for dry skin; essentially, a real, skincare miracle with a proven medical component.


The Science Behind Hydro-Actif

Medical research has discovered how and why factors such as sun exposure, low humidity and an unhealthy lifestyle, can cause cell damage such as dramatic skin dehydration. Organisms constantly transport moisture from the deeper layers of the skin to the dehydrated epidermis. With the damaged stratum corner no longer being capable of storing the water, it instantly evaporates there. The fatal consequence results in tired, slackening skin with creases. Thus, after using the cell-active moisture therapy- premature skin aging is halted. The hydro active ingredient which achieves this effect is a combination complex of malic acid, apple pectin, green algae, lupin and the fruit extract, cell boost factor, Pyrus Malus.