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Bella 500 Collection BLACK

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Title: Mix 11-15mm



Can't find what you're looking for? Our 500 Collection only come in mixed trays, if you are looking for a single length tray, please visit our 200 Collection page to pick up what you need!  

Crystallized Fans™ 200 Collection - 0.03mm

Crystallized Fans™ 200 Collection - 0.05mm

The Bella Lash 500 Collection has been created for every lash artist in mind. These premade fans are here to give you the boost you need to elevate your artistry.  Our 500 Collection comes in fan dimensions of 4D,6D, 8D, 10D and 12D and all lengths to help give your client's a customizable look. These are perfect for classic lash artists who want to provide volume or mega volume sets. 

They are also perfect for volume and mega volume artists who want to speed up their lash time.  These fans have been heat bonded at the base, which means they won’t add any extra weight so that you can ensure your client's lashes stay healthy.