Dermostetique Anti Aging



Dermosthétique Anti-Age by La Biosthétique, promises holistic, anti-aging care of skin thanks to cell prevention, protection and stimulation. 


There are numerous causes of skin aging, which is why effective anti-aging products work in several ways. The Dermosthétique phyto cell extracts provide anti-aging protection against free radicals. They protect the cells of skin, this means the parent cells remain active and their production is repeatedly stimulated. The Dermosthétique phyto cell extracts delay the aging of skin, enabling natural cell regeneration. 


The Science Behind Wrinkle Formation 

Though, fine lines in the skin are mostly the consequence of impaired collagen and/or elastin fibre networks due to glycation (sugar deposition). The Dermosthétique anti-aging skincare products have glyco cell extracts of special algae to combat sugar deposition. This keeps the skin's collagen fibre network elastic, resulting less wrinkle formation.