SlickPour G-Force


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SlickPour G-Force
SlickPour G-Force
SlickPour - a powder coat system. Why Dip When You Can Pour?

Nobody likes double dipping. Jump start your traditional nail enhancement services with Caption SLICKPOUR, a powder coating system. The easy powder coat application and removal process is a breakthrough in nail enhancement technology. With a service that's clean and speedy; you'll go crazy over the mighty staying power and glossy powder coat finish of each set.
Prep all ten nails by removing shine using a medium grit arbor band or file. Remove dust and oils from all ten nails with a lint free wipe saturated with Young Nails Swipe. Now brush on SLICKPOUR Prep.
Working one nail at a time, apply SLICKPOUR BASE fortified with Vitamin E and Calcium. Pour SLICKPOUR COLOR POWDER over the nail. Take a couple scoops as necessary to cover the entrée nail.
Apply a generous first coat of SLICKPOUR ACTIVATOR on all ten nails. File, shape and buff. Cleanse dust with a lint free wipe saturated with Young Nails Swipe.
Apply a second thin coat of SLICKPOUR ACTIVATOR. Use a lint free wipe to rub activator into the nail. Continue across all ten nails.
After the second thin coat of SLICKPOUR ACTIVATOR Immediately apply SLICKPOUR TOP across all ten nails. Clean brush after each nail by wiping excess on a line free wipe before dipping back into the bottle. Apply a second and final coat of SLICKPOUR TOP across all ten nails. Allow to air dry a minimum of two minutes and enjoy your SLICKPOUR POWDER COATING nail service.
What Does this Do
- Clean and Easy application
- Calcium and vitamin E fortified
- Strong and durable
- Easy removal
SlickPour G-Force
SlickPour G-Force