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  • Douceur Riche

Douceur Riche

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Product Details

Douceur Riche is a natural face cream that provides particularly rich and intensive restructuring of very dry and sensitive skin.
For a perfect complexion the dehydrated facial skin needs an extra boost of intensive care and repair. Douceur Riche contains plant lipids, phytosterols combined with panthenol, medical white oil and Vitamin E for incomparable balancing of dry and sensitive skin. After care with Douceur Riche, dry, sensitive skin is extremely relaxed and calm. Skin-related substances have an active anti-irritant effect. The barrier layer is strengthened. The skin is intensively supplied with moisture and given a radiant new glow.
Main Ingredients:
  • Phytosterols: calm and soothe the annoying itchiness
  • Panthenol: boosts the moisture-binding capacity
  • Vitamin E derivative: intensive protection against cell damage by free radicals
  • Medical white oil: protection against external irritants

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