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  • Douceur Restructurante

Douceur Restructurante


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The Douceur Restructurante face cream naturally and gently relaxes slightly dry, sensitive skin.
Relaxation for sensitive skin. With optimum care and repair properties. Douceur Restructurante calms sensitive skin with plant lipids, phytosterols combined with panthenol, medical white oil and Vitamin E. After care with Douceur Restructurante, the sensitive skin is relaxed and instantly calmed because all repair aids are absolutely irritant-free. The secret of the formulation lies in the liquid crystal, lamellar gel network which is directly modelled on the structure of the skin. This ensures that the effect of Douceur Restructurante lasts for a long time on the skin. A truly relaxing product for sensitive skin. This little beauty miracle results in a clear, relaxed complexion – and is completely preservative-free.
Main Ingredients:
  • Phytosterols: calm and soothe the annoying itchiness
  • Panthenol: boosts the moisture-binding capacity
  • Vitamin E derivative: intensive protection against cell damage by free radicals
  • Medical white oil: protection against external irritants

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