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  • Douceur Hydratante

Douceur Hydratante


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Product Details

Douceur Hydratante face cream repairs and protects extremely dry, sensitive skin with an extra portion of moisture.

Healthy, fresh and plump looking skin – every woman’s dream complexion.

But to make this possible irritated, dry skin needs a moisture boost, as well as sufficient protection against free radicals. The moisturising cream for sensitive skin contains plant lipids, phytosterols combined with panthenol, medical white oil and Vitamin E to provide the skin with a moisture boost. Dry and sensitive skin feels good because it is immediately relaxed and hydrated. A real treat for sensitive skin.
Main Ingredients:
  • Phytosterols: calm and soothe the annoying itchiness
  • Panthenol: boosts the moisture-binding capacity
  • Vitamin E derivative: intensive protection against cell damage by free radicals
  • Medical white oil: protection against external irritants

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