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Skincare Certificate Programs


Training Days are one day a week & on upon request


An intensive 4 week Training to become a skincare technician.

This program begins with Skincare anatomy & knowledge, covering skin structure, tissue biology, skin types, skin conditions Understanding all aspects of skin's aging and healing process. Understanding and accurately analyzing the skin, Students will be able to provide customized facial treatments, and offer clients proper home-care. Beyond just the Anatomy, this program ensures both classroom & hands-on training for facial treatment procedures, and massage techniques. In addition to facials without machines each student will have access to our professional facial equipment steamers and hot towel cabinets, as well as allowing you to learn on every angle of skincare treatments. The highest level of sanitation, safety, disinfection & sanitation is instilled.

TUITION $1000 + books & kit 264.00 plus tax

Please note all skincare is available to customize and create own kit for purchase @ Avant-Garde College


Prepare to be blown away! with this 3 day training to advance yourself to a limitless amount of possibilities as a skincare technician.

Must have basic facial certification.

3 Day training running Tuesday's:


 Intensive product knowledge of Top of the line European skincare. See and feel what it means to use a German made product with the beauty and touch of Paris. Skin Diagnotic testing, 60 min customizable European facials with multiple add on treatments such as Ice ball treatment, Angel Brush massage, antiaging eye treatments and much more. Take it a step further with skin lightening treatments and 90 min facial learning state of the art massage techniques for customized skincare needs. Retailing & marketing class.


Please note all skincare is available to customize and create own kit for purchase @ Avant-Garde College

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