Microblading Training



MARCH 5th & 6th

May 14th & 15th



With a focus on innovation and growth in the the brow industry, Brows by G is proud to offer the Microblading Technician Training Program (MTTP) to students across Canada in partnership with a number of esthetics colleges and schools.


Under the direction of our experienced Microblading specialist instructors, you will learn the fundamental theory and techniques to become a Brows by G certified Microblading Technician, as well as invaluable knowledge from an industry leader in this innovative service.


The MTTP has been developed by our Microblading specialists in collaboration with a specialist in education and learning styles. This means that the MTTP features elements of instruction and practical skills checks that suit various types of learning styles, and promotes a much higher degree of knowledge transfer, retention, and competence than typical training courses. Our graduate Microblading Technicians are skilled, confident, and in high demand.


Our students learn the theory, skills, and techniques of Microblading, as well as critical information to safely operate as a Mircoblading Technician such as health, safety, and business best practices.


More information on the Microblading Technician Training Program (MTTP) & registration can be found Brows by G Training click on image below: